Digital vs. Prints

This is one of the subjects that I feel very passionate about. We obviously live in a digitalised age and most of the phones nowadays have got a decent camera so everyone has always got a camera on hand, which is really great.  You can take pictures of your family everywhere you are and you don’t have to carry a camera with you, and that’s amazing. I see mums and dads taking pictures of their children in play groups, on walks, in shops, restaurants, etc. obviously these images aren’t perfect. The light probably wasn’t great or it isn’t sharp enough, all of the things you would expect with a professional image, however they are images of you and your children and they document a special occasion or just every day life.  Now, hand on heart, how many of you print these images and put them in to an album? I know many people who don’t. But what’s the point of taking them then? I can guarantee you that if you don’t print them, you will most likely never see them again. I change my phone maybe every two years, usb’s break, you don’t back up your computer or you just simply can’t find the image again amongst too many files. So I know if I didn’t print them I would never look at them again. I remember as a child I used to love to go through family albums with my mum (I admit that could have also been the photographer in me) talking about the things we did or my mum would add a story to it if I was too young to remember. 

I really want to do that for my boys too, and of course you need to have the embarrassing (and cute of course) first potty image on hand to show when they come to introduce their girlfriends :))) My house is full of professional and non-professional pictures and all of us love it. 

Talking about professional pictures whether its newborn, children or family. They aren’t a luxury as someone may say, they are a necessary investment. And if you do invest in having professional pictures taken, it just goes without saying, you have to print them or have a beautiful wall art hanging in your house. Most photographers, including me, will have a range of good quality wall arts to offer you. 

So just to sum up, digital images are great, but they will not be there for your children and other generations to see, but the prints will :-) 


Love Jitka x

It’s Time to Start Blogging

I always have something to say however unfortunately and fortunately in the last couple of years, I have been very busy being a mum and a photographer at the same time, so much so that there hasn’t been much time to do anything else :-) As one of my New Year’s resolutions I intend to make it better and write about things that I have something to say about or I am passionate about.  Not just newborn and children photography related stuff but also simply ‘mum’ things. No one is really interested in reading long posts on social media such as Facebook, twitter etc., that’s why this is the perfect place for me to post, so watch this space :-) Jitka x